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Become A Woman Who Lead Sponsor

As a sponsor of Women Who Lead, you will demonstrate support for serving women and families to build generational wealth in their community, creating opportunities for women to become powerful economic agents in their families and communities.

Join us in our efforts to:


  • Provide women with knowledge, skills, and strategies to make social systems and policies more equitable for their families and communities.

  • Create avenues for holistic, comprehensive, and intergenerational investments in poverty alleviation that results in improved family stability and income security outcomes

  • Empower women to end poverty through wellness, employment, entrepreneurship, and advocacy in greater Rockford.

  • Inspire, educate, and involve others in the fight against poverty.

  • Empower entrepreneurs working their way out of poverty to build businesses, create jobs, support their families, and ensure bright futures for their children.



For far too long, women and girls have been held back from reaching their full potential. Legal, social, cultural, and economic inequalities disproportionately exclude women from full and equal participation in their communities and economies, leaving their voices unheard and their potential unreached.


We invite you to invest in our economic empowerment mission by becoming a sponsor of the Women Who Lead Gala.


Unleash your power to invest in the future of women, children, and families in our community.

Proceeds will benefit Women & Wealth to create a space where women can experience explosive growth financially, emotionally, and foundationally—empowering women to intentionally develop wealthy lives, careers, and businesses.  Proceeds will be used to further programming and services of Women & Wealth, including offsetting the cost of future women leaders. 

2024 Partners

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