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Get Connected With A Positive Community Of Like-Minded Women That Support Your Growth By Providing The Encouragement, Accountability, And Celebration You Need Along The Journey!  The nine-month program will consist of:

  • Comfortable growth conversations about money, health, imposter syndrome, identity, trauma, coping skills, and beyond

  • Key competencies of transformative leaders, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and developing individual action plans to become a better leader

  • Identifying healthy coping skills

  • Learning to maximize professional relationships and networks

  • Completing a disc leadership assessment 

  • Focusing on career growth strategy

  • Mentorship sessions from those that are industry disrupters

  • Group learning sessions on leadership development

  • An opportunity to develop a personal growth and self-care plan

  • A peer growth partner to provide additional accountability and support

  • An opportunity to be part of a network of forward-thinking women who celebrate your successes.

  • Monthly meetings with motivational speakers who have achieved success

  • Access to exclusive money-growth confidences, wealth, and health strategies not available to the masses.

  • Check-ins, accountability, and q/a sessions to ensure steady actions align with the desired level of growth

  • Personal/professional training and development 

  • Leadership training and development

  • Increasing your emotional, health, social, network, and wealth intelligence

  • Finding significance in being a part of something bigger than yourself

  • Hearing from women with a track record of success in their career fields

  • Community events and private leadership sessions

  • An opportunity to partner with us to give to other women worldwide!​

Let's Get Wealthy, Together!

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