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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I pay for a ticket the evening of the event?

No, all tickets must be purchased by March 15, 2024.


Can I purchase a table without knowing the names of my guests?

Yes, guest will just need to provide the registered name at the check in counter.


Will I receive my tickets in the mail?

No, we do not issue tickets.  Your name and the names of your guests are listed on our registration form.  You simply check in upon arrival and give your name/s.


If one of my guests is unable to attend, can I invite someone else at the last minute?

Yes, you can invite someone other than your original guest.  You will need to tell our registration table the name of the person who is unable to attend and provide them with the name of your new guest.


How many seats are at each table?

Eight (8)


Where should I park?

Parking is located directly in front of the Tebala Event Center


What time does the event begin?

Check in and social hour begins at 6:00 p.m.


What is the dress code for the evening?

Ladies should wear a formal evening gown and men should wear a suit or a tux.


Is seating assigned?

There will be open seating, except for those tables reserved by Women & Wealth.


Can I bring my children?

No, the Gala is an adult only event…an evening for dressing up and having fun!


I cannot attend, how do I support? 

All donations can be made at

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