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Investing in the Power of Women To Lead

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Four Pillars of Focus

Each pillar of Women & Wealth mobilizes the power of women to make a behavioral change to affect their families and community.


Encouraging each woman to focus on solutions, gain awareness of their unique strengths, and identify areas for development, so that blind spots,
gaps in skills, or bad practices do not get in their way of success. Empowering their lives with education, networking, mentorship, and volunteerism, all surrounding wealth-building opportunities and healthy living.



Teaching women behaviors and providing
educational resources that will empower and develop them personally,  professionally, and financially. Encouraging them to influence their community, impact their businesses, and add value to their workplace.



Improving the ability for women to connect  with other women, organizations, and businesses with similar interests and influence. Assisting them with building lasting
relationships to impact them for years to come. Providing a platform to blossom and exposure throughout the community.



Presenting an opportunity for
mentor-mentee relationships to help women
tap into their full potential. Allowing them to reach their goals more quickly and easily,
transforming their lives through one-on-one
mentorship. Gearing them up to mentor and
be a light for others.



Creating opportunities and initiatives to
problem-solve and implement strategies
through philanthropic giving, advocacy,
community engagement, and volunteerism.
Guiding them on how to be servant leaders
and to lead in the communities they serve.

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