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We aim to provide personal and professional development, leadership development, and mentoring that will ignite the best version of a woman.  Women & Wealth is a true catalyst for the much-needed change in the lives of many women in our region and worldwide.

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Dr. Sheila Hill, The Executor

Dr. Hill knows all about being the ultimate woman and doesn't mind sharing the secrets of her success with other women.

As a highly skilled professional and businesswoman with over 25+ years of experience, Sheila knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up. The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, certified life coach, and international speaker has an energetic personality.

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Khay Horton, The Ignitor

Khaneidra has been groomed her entire life to be a phenomenal woman. Her desire to share with other women is unmatched!

She is a well-educated and professionally diverse businesswoman who has spent a significant portion of her life following the lead of her mother, Dr. Sheila Hill. Khaneidra has discovered her love for business, leadership, and entrepreneurship and is passionate about sharing with the world.

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