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Investing in the Power of Women To Lead

Grow Your Wealth

Welcome to Women & Wealth, a space where women can experience explosive growth foundationally, financially, and emotionally. Empowering women to develop wealthy lives, careers, and businesses intentionally.

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Women & Wealth focuses on four pillars.  Each pillar is to mobilize the power of women to make a behavioral change to affect their family and community.


Each woman will be encouraged to focus on solutions, gain awareness of their unique strengths, and identify areas for development, so that blind spots, gaps in skills, or bad practices do not hinder their success. Empowering their lives and businesses with education, networking, mentorship, and volunteerism, all surrounding wealth-building opportunities.

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Women & Wealth is dedicated to helping all women learn the fundamentals needed to have a fulfilling and prosperous life. As social disruptors, we aim to overcome the cycle of intergenerational poverty by empowering and building up women to flourish in business, work, and life.

We believe that the most powerful way to fight poverty is to create opportunities for women to rise above it, instilling education, healthy living, career, and entrepreneurship. We’ll do whatever it takes so that women, families, and communities can live up to their full potential and end intergenerational poverty.

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Join us in celebrating the power of women to propel more significant social and economic change. Together, we can create unlimited possibilities.  As a partner of Women & Wealth, you will demonstrate support for serving women and families to build generational wealth in their community.  

In the United States, more women than men live in poverty. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of the 38.1 million people living in poverty in 2018, 56 percent—or 21.4 million—were women.  Women, especially women of color in the United States, are more likely to live in poverty than men, and they need robust, targeted solutions to ensure their long-term economic security.  

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