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Sharedia R. Washington is a native of Portland, Oregon and currently resides in Rockford, Illinois. 

She is a noblewoman who has passionately devoted over 17 years to serving as Family CEO and Co-founder of Ross-Washington Enterprises, where she imparts into the lives of children entrusted to her. She is intentional about teaching life skills, building confidence, and esteeming our future leaders and entrepreneurs. She is a Co-founder of Black Writes Publishing Company LLC., where she assists in helping content creators publish their works. 

Sharedia is a licensed Life Insurance agent and licensed Cosmetologist. Her diverse skill set has allowed her experience as a previous work force member. She has experience working for various companies such as United Parcel Services (UPS), U.S Census Bureau, and H&R Block. Sharedia is 2013 alumni of Educators of Beauty. She is a 2022 graduate of the Think Big School of Business and is a member of Women & Wealth.

Sharedia desires to rebuild confidence, reignite hope, instill invaluable principles, and introduce possibilities to the youth that will allow them to experience a wholesome life utilizing an interactive approach. She is adamant about giving basic foundational skills that can be utilized throughout life’s journey.

She enjoys volunteering with Positive Choices, a nonprofit organization founded through Rockford's Pregnancy Care Center, and partnering with Rockford School District 205 and Harlem School District 122. 

Sharedia's passion is effectively operating and leading by example in her God-given purpose. She encourages youth and young adults to embrace ownership of their lives and live holistically on purpose, in purpose, for a greater purpose. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders.

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