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Orlandra Caldwell, APN

Orlandra Caldwell is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rockford College in 2013. She began her nursing career as a registered nurse at the neonate's bedside in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Javon Bea Hospital. In that setting, Orlandra’s passion grew, developing her role as an advocate and leader in the field. Caldwall's passion and role propelled her to go back to school at the graduate level. She obtained a Master of Science in Nursing from South University in 2019. She is certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) as a family nurse practitioner and was granted Full Practice Authority in Illinois in 2022.

As a family practitioner, she has treated patients of all ages with acute and chronic conditions and preventative wellness exams. After that, she worked as an Integrative Nurse Practitioner, offering both a holistic and traditional approach to healthcare. Currently, she's working as a functional nurse practitioner who focuses on treating the root cause of a patient's symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms. She specializes in obesity, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid conditions, and urgent care needs. Over the last three years of providing holistic and traditional care, she developed a passion for offering various treatment options.

Following her professional experiences, Orlandra founded a wellness practice promoting healthy living, Body'n Wellness. Her specialties include weight loss, men's health for testosterone and erectile dysfunction, urgent care via telehealth, and IV vitamin nutrition. Her passion is helping individuals maintain healthy well-being rather than chasing it. As she has treated various problematic diseases over the years, she discovered a lack of education on maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle needed to prevent these conditions. By encouraging patients to see a doctor when they feel well rather than waiting until their health worsens, she hopes to encourage them to take control of their health.

When Orlandra is not offering her medical expertise to patients, she focuses on personal well-being and self-care. She strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of her proudest roles is being a loving mother to two handsome young men. She enjoys attending her son's sporting events, bowling, watching movies, vacationing, and attending church weekly.

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