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Faniqua Hughes

Faniqua S. Hughes was born and raised in Freeport, IL.  She has spent most of her professional life in Rockford, IL. She is currently the Equity and Opportunity Coordinator for Rockford Public Schools. She was previously the Director of Operations for the Housing Authority of the City of Freeport and the Interim Head Start Director/Support Services Manager for the City of Rockford Human Services Department Head Start Program.

Faniqua is ardent about sharing knowledge with everyone she comes in contact with. She has spent many years teaching in higher education settings and facilitating various trainings. She holds several degrees and certifications. Faniqua has held several management & leadership positions for over 25 years of which she held the majority of those positions with her previous employment with the City of Rockford Human Services Department.

Faniqua is a seasoned professional knowledgeable about equity, diversity, training, education, parent and community engagement. She offers top-notch team leadership, communication, support, guidance, collaboration skills, and problem-solving abilities. Ingenious in maximizing resources to meet challenging demands. Analytical leader with excellent teaching, coaching, professional development, coaching, mentoring, and multitasking abilities.

Faniqua is passionate about Management & Leadership and helping individuals within her community. She has plans to further her education by entering into a doctoral program in the Fall 2023.

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